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DOTA 2 needed a digital platform

First of its kind, the Defense of the Ancients classic finally gets his long-awaited continuation of the hand of IceFrog and Valve, which have joined forces to give life to that is certainly one of the big games of 2013. A title free-to -play impeccable at all levels that not only does justice to the legacy of the original title, but it does so with such style and emphasis that it is impossible not to fall surrendered to the charms of DOTA 2.

When you spend nearly ten years of your life to work and perfect a great idea as it gave birth to the popular Defense of the Ancients and thus the genre of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) so fashionable today, what least you can expect is to find a title that touch perfection. And that is the case DOTA 2. The long-awaited sequel to the popular WarCraft III mod, that after two years in testing finally debuts on the market under the business model free-to-play surpassing, by far , the highest expectations of the faithful followers of this strategic action title. Such addictive and complex in its gameplay mechanics game that promises hundreds of hours of pure fun in companies other players.

Because we must not forget that the new IceFrog and Valve is a highly competitive program. A title in which two teams of five players fight to the death for control of a large stage combat, relying on the special abilities of the hundred heroes available right now, with so many options in form and use it is impossible not give the warrior made for us. What certainly it is one of the great virtues of this game, which after years of waiting has finally come to stay long in our PCs.

Duels unmercifully
Easy to play but difficult to master, DOTA 2 is held completely faithful to the original gameplay style, giving paramount importance to team play; essential to survive the challenging duels in which we will be involved. And it should be clear from the outset that, despite attempts by Valve to open the genre of MOBA to a wider tutorials and an interface more user friendly audience, the program shows much or more unforgiving with errors his predecessor, to the point that our first days with the game can become a nightmare depending on the rivals that we face.

However, and behold the great asset of DOTA 2 despite these difficulties and how frustrating it can be constantly dying without really knowing how to avoid it, the program IceFrog propel us to keep trying again and again; enjoying your action challenging trying new strategies to fight as we learn from our mistakes. Because only through practice and perseverance we will be able to achieve glory in this title exceptionally surprised by the enormous complexity that holds playable with infinite possibilities of game that will make us enjoy the utmost of their epic skirmishes. And not without reason.

For though about DOTA 2 paper seems the most straightforward of the world title, asking ourselves the sole purpose to destroy the opposing team's base while protecting their own, enough a couple of minutes to realize that nothing is as simple as it seems at first glance . The reason? We must consider so many playable parameters tackling each game, and everything operates as went really perfect, that in the end we can only surrender to the evidence and catalog the game for what it is: a masterpiece.

DOTA 2 Analysis
Overcome defensive towers guarding the ancient ruins is not an easy task, but with head and patience, everything is possible.
A challenging game of strategic action genre with certain elements of the role played masterfully with the need to act always thinking of the team, but by the way we conduct personal feats encumbren us to the top in the Dota universe. Because this is, again, a game of competitive nature in which players take everything seriously. So much so, that there are few battles ending with members of the same team arguing with each other by not acting head during the course of the game. What it is not surprising.

More than anything, because just as you kill a rival hero can cover our gold and glory, die stupidly and repeatedly let our team without a valuable soldier for a long period of time, which can be crucial for rivals They rise up in victory. In this sense, as we pointed out above, the game shows as much or more ruthless than its predecessor with the most inexperienced players, who will see how gold lose their hard pick to die at the hands of a rival; while their skill level far behind the rest to waste too much time in limbo to which we will be sent as a penalty for dying.

Penetrating into the jungle, we find the most dangerous creatures that grant special enhancements us if we defeat them.
The victory, only available to the cleverest
With a hundred heroes to us, hundreds of objects with which to equip and a handful of special boost with each level up skills, DOTA 2 gives us total freedom to turn our hero into the ultimate warrior; making even one character is displayed completely different in the battlefield depending on the player's choices. Something we think is phenomenal, again, by the infinite possibilities of game that gives us the program. Not surprisingly, with practice we realize that to achieve victory not just simply fight fiercely on the battlefield.

It must be done with head, acting with intelligence and sometimes picaresque form, since given the design of gaming environment by which we move, we can even cause ambushes or surprise rival in a thousand different ways. In this sense, DOTA 2 unchanged maintains some of the most striking options in the original, as the need to strike the final blow to an enemy for a good amount of gold, or the possibility of ending the life of our own allies ( deny), whether these other players or quarrelsome henchmen who will accompany us throughout the game to prevent the other side get the precious experience points that allow them to level up.

It also gives us the opportunity to buy a huge amount of special objects that enhance certain physical attributes of our heroes, adapting the style of game we want. In this sense, we can even improve these creating unique weapons and defensive team that will make the difference in the tightest battles objects, although this must be found in most cases secret shops that are hidden in the depths of the jungle. That, or send the new pack animal that we have to avoid long walks to collect objects that have bought in stores.

Options that substantially improve the gaming experience, giving life to a round title that very few persons drawbacks you can put in the field playable. Less well when we talk about a completely gratuitously offering all its contents from the beginning, but in no time we should take the portfolio to acquire new heroes, for instance. Yes. Anyone who wishes can buy with real money some of the many aesthetic objects that are already available on the game servers, which in most cases have been designed by the users themselves, which once again demonstrate their creative talents some simply spectacular works.

Whereupon should re-emphasize the idea that we speak only of aesthetic and nonjugables improvements, so that no player will start with advantages over the rest. Each game will begin from zero, and will be solely the ability of each user to determine the success or failure of the game.

With over a hundred characters to choose from, it is impossible not to find the warrior who most closely matches our style of play.
The community comes first
Being as it is one of the most popular titles today, with thousands of players enjoying their action daily by hobby or any of the professional tournaments worldwide dispute was clear that DOTA 2 needed a digital platform as sufficiently broad in content and options to satisfy the most demanding players. And in this sense, Valve does not disappoint.

As expected, here we find the usual options to find games against other players via the Internet, using various filters that work properly to distribute to players based on their skill level, determined by the hours game, number of wins, etc. Also, as we pointed out at the beginning of this article, Valve has worried much to open this gaming experience to as many users as possible, so we also find several tutorial missions that will let us know the basics of the game, or battles against bots to hone our strategy game without the pressure that involves combat against other players.

However, the highlight is found in the social choices that have been integrated into this digital platform, with the ability to enjoy live games who play other players, who may even broadcast their duels in professional plan as if broadcasters are treated. Similarly, DOTA 2 lists a bunch of statistics of play after each game, allowing us to see in detail any details related to the dota 2 bets.

Each hero is different, so you should know in detail your skills to survive the tough duels in which we will be involved.
Also included is the option to pause the action during the course of the games, which likewise can leave without penalty as long as any of the other users previously abandoned. In addition, Valve has also integrated the option to re-enlist to a running game, ideal for when we suffer some Internet connection problems.

No less remarkable is also the audiovisual section of the game, which takes full advantage of the graphics engine Source, that looks remarkable how a title of these characteristics veteran. Especially in regard to the artistic design of the characters, their animations or special effects that have been recreated spectacular and deadly special abilities of the players heroes. In this regard, he also delighted us the care with which designed the game environment, and the effects of light, water recreation, or there is a real transition between day and night. Detail with implications beyond the merely aesthetic, as there will be characters that fight more effectively depending on the time of day in which they are.

In addition, the good being built on a graphics engine as Source is that the game works wonderfully on a wide variety of equipment even with the most graphic details. Also the user interface is clear and intuitive, yet despite the large number of playable patterns to consider. In this regard, it should be noted that the game has been translated into Castilian, although the voices are held in English. That said, we can not stop praising the good work done to sound level, with a very good musical accompaniment that fits well with the epic tone of the action; which is followed by a strong sound effects that can not be put many snags.

At the beginning of each game we must invest the little gold with which we in buying items that improve the skills of our hero.
Obviously, I said all that, we would have liked that the learning curve was even more friendly to new players, since this is still a title that is very difficult to join without suffering some degree of frustration. However, even with these, DOTA 2 has the power to engage in an amazing way, urging us to follow and keep playing until the point to take her action to finally fall asleep to her charms. And that is something that fail all video games.